The Gift Shop, housed in the original barn on the Ware Family property, features consigned works from regional artists as well as other locally-sourced crafts and home decor. Just outside the Gift Shop is the Victorian Garden, available to enjoy year-round. The Victorian Garden can also be reserved for special events. Admission to both the Gift Shop and Victorian Garden is free to all guests.

For information about reserving the Victorian Garden for your special event, contact the City of Nebraska City at (402) 873-5515.

About Us

At Wildwood Historic Center, our knowledgeable docents and staff provide an enthralling and memorable experience for each and every guest welcomed through our doors. Every new visit to Wildwood is a new adventure!

Wildwood Historic Center is an historical institution operated by the city of Nebraska City consisting of three buildings at 420 Steinhart Park Road. The 1869 Ware Family home is a ten-room Gothic-Revival house used as an interpretive museum to educate guests about day-to-day life in the Victorian era (1837-1901). Special exhibits are unveiled throughout the season while the decor and staff attire changes monthly to reflect a certain time of year, an important family event, or holiday celebration. A classroom is located behind the house and used for various events throughout the year.

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